We could spend days discussing the merits of keeping an eye on your kids online activities.  There are plenty of people on each side of the argument with what seems like solid points for the pros and cons however, ultimately you as a parent have to decide what is in your children’s best interest.

I am an advocate of monitoring your kids and controlling their level and scope of online access.  There are way too many predator’s out there looking to take advantage of things and you as a parent should be one of the first levels of defense.

Compare online activity to your child crossing a busy highway.  Would you just point to the front door and say go ahead and get to the other side or would you go out to help them cross the road to make sure they do it safely? 

Well being online should not be any different.  Teaching our kids is one of the primary roles we have as parents and we should not slack off on that.


Via http://dailyinfographic.com/parents-and-facebook-infographic