Just the other day we posted about three great Halloween related themes that you can put on your Windows 7 desktop and now if you just happened to be looking for a fourth one to round out the collection to an even number then you are in luck.

Microsoft has posted an additional Halloween desktop theme to the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery which will help get your desktop in the mood for the upcoming holiday.

This one is called Cobblestones and Corridors. Check out the backgrounds including in this one:

Staircase, gate and light, Barcelona, Spain Dark alley Stone spiral staircase, Mexico City, Mexico
Arched walkway, Abbaye De Thoronet, France Cobblestone street at night, Ljubljana, Slovenia Arch of building, Italy, low angle view
Old town streets, Talinn, Estonia Street steps, Todi, Italy Old window
Courtyard spotted near Academia down a narrow passage way, Venice, Italy Old footbridge, New York, U.S. 'Cour du Dragon,' image looks from a courtyard towards a cafe on the Rue du Dragon, Paris, France, 1913
Gate with winged dog statues   Spiral stone staircase leading down past window, Valdštejn castle, Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic