It looks like we are at the final stages of the shut down of Windows My Phone support for Windows Mobile 6.x customers. I had this email waiting for me this morning:

Dear Windows Mobile 6.x customer:

On October 18, 2011, the My Phone web site at will no longer be available. Because you may be affected, please review the information below.

My Phone Service Discontinued

The My Phone service is no longer saving content from phones to the My Phone service. Starting on August 8, 2011, Microsoft began moving My Phone content to Windows Live SkyDrive. SkyDrive is Microsoft’s free online storage service that helps you access and share files such as photos and Microsoft Office documents.

Contacts, calendar entries, text messages and photos from your My Phone account have been moved to SkyDrive for you. You should have received a migration notification and be able to access your migrated content by logging into SkyDrive using the Windows Live ID you used to register for the My Phone service.

As a reminder, videos, music, documents and favorites were not moved from My Phone to SkyDrive for you but you can request a copy of these files (see details below).

My Phone Web Site To Shut-down

On October 18, 2011, the My Phone web site at will no longer be available. On this date, you will no longer be able to login to the My Phone service to access your content stored to the My Phone service. Microsoft will continue to store your My Phone content for one year. A copy of your content can be shipped to you on a CD/ DVD upon request until October 17, 2012.

Take Action

To learn more about the My Phone service shutdown, including how to submit a request for all of your My Phone content on CD/DVD, please visit this web site:

Thank you for your use of Windows Mobile 6.x.

The Windows Phone Team

The links are already re-directing to the new Windows Phone website.  This shut down should not come as any surprise to Windows Mobile 6.x users as it has been on the table since August of last year and most steps are now complete.

So if you’re a Windows Mobile 6.x user are you planning to upgrade to a Windows Phone 7 series handset?