It seems the Netflix CEO likes making significant business announcements via the company blog and this morning brings us another one.

It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs.

This means no change: one website, one account, one password… in other words, no Qwikster.

While the July price change was necessary, we are now done with price changes.

He also made a very bold statement with that last sentence quoted above.  Done with price changes? Isn’t that like saying “No new taxes”?  I think I might have recommended to my boss that he leave the no more price changes statement out of there and just announce that Qwikster is history and that we once again apologize for how we handled things this summer.

By saying we are done with price changes they have locked themselves into not raising prices for their services ever again.  Well actually, maybe not ever again, but when and if they do this blog post will be thrown into the limelight and Netflix will be reminded of their promise of not changing their fees.

You also have to wonder how much of an impact not having the @Qwikster Twitter account secured before announcing the new business name impacted this decision to step away from Qwikster?  I am sure it did come up in the discussions and had some bearing.

Maybe businesses should heed the advice of this post – Lesson For All- When Creating a New Business Research Social Media First.