Security is an ever increasing subject these days and we have all seen the results of poor password management, lack of security updates or flat out breaches of data from the inside.  Just about every service online these days requires a username and password and many users will use the same password to look at pictures of their family and to log into their online banking account.  Not the best method of protecting your sensitive data. 

Several months ago I started using random passwords on all of my accounts.  Now I can not remember every one of them of course so I use a service, LastPass, to manage them and help me in the memory department.  So far that process has integrated in both my desktop and mobile activities very well.  Plus if all else fails there is always the Can’t remember Your Password? link on websites.

Today’s infographic comes from Veracode, an application risk management platform, and discusses some of the famous or maybe infamous breaches that have happened to Twitter users.