As with any news these days Twitter can provide a unique perspective and reaction to whatever is happening in the world whether it be tech related or not.  The recent revelation of Windows 8 in the form of a developer preview during the Microsoft Build Conference held a couple of weeks ago in Anaheim, CA is a good example of that.

Mashwork, a company that focuses on social media and the sentiment of users, compiled the infographic below to consolidate those reactions in a snapshot view.  I am not surprised by the enthusiasm shown by folks who either experienced the Windows 8 Developer Preview first hand or watched the keynotes from home like I did.

Twitter was on fire and just like the graphic shows below – folks were excited for what the future holds in Windows 8.  So much excitement that less than 24 hours after they made the developer preview available it had been downloaded over 500,000 times.  That number must be well over a million downloads by now.


Via Mashwork