In a recent survey by Postcode Anywhere, an ecommerce software and services provider in the UK, they surveyed 1,000 UK shoppers and found out exactly what frustrates them when shopping online. 

The number one concern was security with over 50% of the respondents indicating they would abandon an online shopping transaction because of security concerns.  At number two with a 44% response rate was the amount of time it takes to fill out forms to complete the transaction and right behind it at 38% in third was mandatory account enrollment/sign-up in order to make the purchase.

There were two reasons tied at 31% – having to leave the ordering process to figure out the final price and also deciding they did not like the product and therefore no longer wanted to make the purchase.

Rounding out the top five at 23% was the check out process being poorly thought out.

I know for me that a long form to even get to the order processing and mandatory account sign-up before I can make a purchase are my top ones.  I sometimes may only make a single order with a website and therefore would much rather purchase as a guest or at least if the account option is provided after the process is done I get to choose but my order is done.

Do you have a particular reason you bail on an online purchase?