Well the NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS for short, satellite may have re-entered the earth’s atmosphere last night but it lacked the fireworks everyone seemed to be expecting.  That is most likely due to the fact it probably landed in the Pacific Ocean out of sight for most skywatchers.

However, the fireworks may have actually been on Twitter in a couple of different ways. First is the pace of UARS mentions on Twitter which were flying by in my TweetDeck search column.

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Pretty amazing how that satellite captured a lot of attention and four days ago jumped up to over 1400 tweets per day and has stayed there.

Secondly, the jokes that have come across Twitter in reference to the UARS satellite’s return to Earth have been quite entertaining as you can see below:



The #UARS has "penetrated" the Pacific Ocean. Only known casualty is Gracie the Humpback from #StarTrek. Spock reckons "Gracie is pregnant."



BREAKING: NASA advises it is receiving signals from the #UARS satellite as it passes each nation: "Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck.

Marc Denis


Wait! #UARS is on the street corner with a sign, "Will orbit for food." #tbrs

Faisal Alsaad


#UARS will fall on Tom if he is following Jerry!

Another Torontonian


Has NASA checked #EBAY or #Kajiji yet? Search term: scrap metal for sale, or damaged #satellite, pick up in Western Canada. #UARS #NASA

Simon Rishton


Surprised that #UARS satellite missed me. I’m so unlucky at the moment that my spam mails tell me I haven’t won the Nigerian State Lottery.

Marlene Wells


#UARS satellite crashes to Earth overnight and this morning my Junk mailbox is full. Maybe I won’t look. ;o)

Brad Nitz


If you’re reading this the falling satellite missed you:

Fake Gregory Evans


Hacked in to the UARS with my cell phone. Calculated a new trajectory and my tip for the restaurant in under 15 minutes. Thank me later.

Tracy Morter


Satellite #uars not in my garden. Perhaps if we all check outside we can help @NASA rule out a few places.

Josh Helfferich


So if this satellite lands in your yard, it’s UARS to keep, right?

Jon R Hansen


@MickeySqueaks oh stop worrying. that falling space junk usually lands on Wile E. Coyote anyway” #uars

Banff Squirrel


Oddsmakers baffled by unconfirmed reports that @NASA #UARS satellite may have struck Sasquatch in Banff National Park

Banff Squirrel


NASA says the odds of a person getting hit by debris from #UARS are about one in *THUMP*

Banff Squirrel


If #UARS was made out of crushed beer cans and Cliff bar wrappers, I think I found some debris @NASA

My personal favorite is the Banff_Squirrel.  Do you have a favorite tweet you saw that was funny and/or entertaining?