My favorite method of tracking packages from online orders is Package Trackr and its associated sidebar gadget. However, they unfortunately have not made the move to having mobile apps for the various mobile operating systems and smartphone handsets.  That is unfortunate because I think Package Trackr would be very well received with an app on any platform.

However, there are a few package tracking apps available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.  All have the ability to display your package location on a map, its current status at a glance as well as its history. 

I thought I would highlight three of them for your perusal:

  • PackageTracker – This one is my favorite and it comes down to aesthetics and cost.  You can track up to 3 packages under the trial version which has ads or you can pay the 99 cents which removes the package limitation and the ads.  Plus it is a sharp looking app. It has an average rating of 4 Stars. 
  • Shippin’ Buddy – This is also a very functional tracking app and appears to use a in app web frame to display the tracking data.  The trial is free to use with ads and for 99 cents you can remove them. The graphics in this app are not as sharp as in PackageTracker.  Has a rating of 4.5 Stars.
  • Parcel Tracker – Again, very functional and uses a text based display to show your packages status.  This is the only one of the three apps that has Live Tile functionality which provides updates on your home screen when the status of the package changes.  The trial version will work 50 times then you must upgrade at a cost of $1.29 which also makes this the most expensive of the three apps. It has a rating of 3.5 Stars.

Did I miss one that you know about?  Let us know in the comments.