As expected Microsoft has released Avatar Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Kinect Device.  It is available at the Xbox.com Marketplace for download to your Xbox 360 console.

For now it is available to all Xbox 360 users but on 08 Sep it will only be accessible to Gold users so now is a great chance to try the software out with your Xbox Live friends.

Avatar Kinect, available today, lets you – or rather your personalized avatar – interact with or hang out with up to seven other friends in 24 virtual stages ranging from a late-night talk show set to outer space to a sports tailgate party. To make the cyber socializing more real, Kinect’s camera tracks gestures and facial expressions – eyebrow raises, smiles, belly laughs and all.

Here is a sample video I recorded using Avatar Kinect:

Read the full Microsoft Press Pass information about Avatar Kinect here.