Time for another double update post.  New images have been provided for both the original Bing Dynamic RSS Windows 7 Theme and the Bing Aerial Maps Dynamic RSS Windows 7 Theme. These two collections are continuing to grow very nicely.

Original Bing RSS Dynamic Theme

Bald eagle near the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska Sunrise at a lake near Wawa, Ontario, Canada

Bing Aerial Imagery RSS Dynamic Theme

Canals south of Lafayette, Louisiana Neighborhood on Key Largo, Florida
Missouri River, Great Falls, Montana Brainard Road southeast of Spearman, Texas
Farm fields southwest of Kaplan, Louisiana Shonkin Sag, Lewis & Clark National Park, Montana
Navy Bombing Target Area east of Humbolt Lake, Nevada Farm fields northeast of Winona, Kansas
Boysen Reservoir, Boysen State Park, Wyoming Farm field southwest of Williamsburg, Iowa

Thanks to @valdet_b for the heads up on Twitter yesterday about the update.