So by now everyone knows that Angry Birds arrived on the Windows Phone 7 platform a couple of days ago. As you might imagine Twitter was fairly active as everyone discovered the new addition late Tuesday evening when it came out.  That reaction continues even two days later as more Windows Phone 7 users find the download and install it to their handsets.

I will admit that when I saw all this hubbub about Angry Birds about a year ago when it came out for the iPhone and Android platforms I was confused as to how it was getting so much attention.  Then several weeks ago I installed Angry Birds on my Windows 7 PC when it was released and within just a few levels I got it.  The game is entertaining, addictive, challenging to figure out how to manage your resources (birds) to knock out stuff (pigs).

Now back to the reaction on Twitter over the last couple of days as the Windows Phone 7 crowd got their shot at Angry Birds.  Amongst that stream of reactions there were quite a few tweets from people criticizing Microsoft for being late to the Angry Birds party.  Know what? It almost makes sense on the surface.

However, I offer this theory.  Microsoft and Rovio knew just what they were doing by bringing the addictive mobile game to Windows Phone 7 after the iPhone and Android crowds had their shot at it.  Why share the focus of the game arriving on the Windows Phone 7 platform with everyone else?  Most everyone who played the game on those other platforms have had their fill and now it’s the WP7 crowds turn.

I say to all the WP7 users – enjoy it because it is our turn to have a little fun between Birds and Pigs.