Earlier this week four more images were added to the new Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Windows 7 Theme which brings the total number of background images in the theme to 22.

It looks like based on the first update and now this one that we will see four new images added each week to the collection.  I am sure Bing has plenty of aerial imagery to add so this will continue to become a great collection.

Here are the new images:

Inlet from Suwanee Sound (Suwanee, Florida)

Inlet from Suwannee Sound southeast of Suwannee, Florida

Old Rhodes Key (Biscayne National Park, Florida)

Old Rhodes Key, Biscayne National Park, Florida

Flaming Gorge Reservoir (Utah)

Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Utah

Navy Bombing Target Area (East of Humboldt Lake, Nevada)

Navy Bombing Target Area, east of Humbolt Lake, Nevada