There are more Bing Dynamic RSS theme updates right on the heels of the new Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Dynamic RSS Windows 7 Theme being revealed yesterday.

I am going to start calling this Bing Dynamic theme the Original Bing Dynamic RSS Theme just to differentiate between the two!  I hope there are more dynamic themes in the future as this is a great way to share imagery across many Windows 7 desktops.

Today’s updates add two more pictures to the original Bing Dynamic RSS theme and brings the total count to 46 in the collection.

Here are the two new pictures for this week:

Keukenhof Gardens

Hyacinth and tulip garden, Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, Netherlands

Port of Los Angeles

Container ship being loaded at the Port of Los Angeles, California

You can download the entire theme for your Windows 7 PC by downloading the Original Bing Dynamic RSS Windows 7 theme.