Absolutely awesome.  Bing has delivered another dynamic Windows 7 Theme that uses an updating RSS feed to download new pictures to your Windows 7 PC.

The new theme is called Bing Maps Aerial Imagery theme and is available for download from here.

The new theme starts you off with 14 aerial images from Bing’s collection – all of these are located over the United States.  I am not sure if there are plans to expand that to other locales although I think the potential is certainly there.

I wonder if this theme will also see weekly updates like the original Bing Dynamic RSS Theme?  We will keep our eye out for them and let you know as soon as we see anything new added.

Here are the first 14 backgrounds for this new theme:

Beachfront property, Key Largo, Florida Farm fields southeast of Stratton, Nebraska Farm fields east of Elida, New Mexico
Farm fields west of Slaton, Texas Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, Colorado Plattenville, Louisiana
Cavalier County, North Dakota Near Olivers Crossroads, North Carolina Farm field in Whitman County, Washington State, west of Pullman, WA
Sun Lakes and Cottonwood Country Clubs, Chandler, Arizona Windmills north of Snowflake, Arizona Lake Owyhee, Oregon
Farm fields west of American Falls, Idaho   Stream north of Battle Mountain, Nevada

If your curious where the photos are taken just look in the lower right hand corner of the image and it is printed there.