Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 15


Welcome to Episode 15 of the Observed Tech PODCAST.

In this return to podcasting episode we talk about our new PODCAST setup, the May 2011 Patch Tuesday from Microsoft, our Tweeted Links feature and how we do it, Windows 7 Themes and a fun Windows Phone 7 app called Wordament.

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Here are links to the things we discuss in this episode:

Date Produced: 07 May 2011

Length: 19:07

Format: MP3, 128KBPS

Size: 17.5MB

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4 thoughts on “Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 15

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  2. Wow!

    Thanks for the really nice review and mention of Wordament! We are so happy that you discovered our game and are playing with us. We couldn’t be happier with the game and all of the great players that have gathered to play with us. Say thanks to your wife too!

    — “Black Snapper”
    Engineer / Gamer
    You vs. the Internet

    • Always happy to mention the great innovative things that are out there to be discovered. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us out here!

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