I hope not because I am a TweetDeck user and I like it just the way it is and how they have innovated during its development.

However, if you have been reading the tech websites and Twitter today then there is a story that originated from the Wall Street Journal that says the two parties are involved in advanced talks about the possible deal.

I am not sure exactly what advanced means when it comes to describing these talks but if it means a deal is close then I am really disappointed about the possibility.

Exactly one month ago today I wrote Where is Twitter Headed With All of This.  That post focused on the idea that Twitter had told developers that they needed to stop writing Twitter clients to access the Twitter stream.  The gist of that post is that Twitter was trying to close in the ecosystem and control all aspects of access and consumption of Twitter data – including the app you would use to do that.  Personally, I am not a fan of lack of choice in a situation like this.

Variety is the best thing we have going for us as consumers and developers.  It is about having a choice in how we do things.  Having one source to provide access to something like Twitter is not what I would call a great thing or a real choice and I am sure many others would agree with that.

As I mentioned in my post last month – where does it all stop?  Will Twitter eventually take over the third party means we use to post videos and pictures to Twitter?

I am now hosting my own URL shortener maybe it is time to find the means to host my own media that I post to Twitter as well?

What do you think about this possible sale?