It is about time for another edition of What’s on Your Windows Phone 7? isn’t it?  Well I have a great guest for this weeks post and it is Kip Kniskern from  He is a huge Windows Live enthusiast and I first met him a few years ago as we were both involved in the Windows Live Butterflies group for Microsoft.  These days he spends his time keeping us all informed of the latest and greatest stuff from Redmond relating to Windows Live.

Kip is one of the early Windows Phone 7 adopters and he uses the Samsung Focus with a 16GB SanDisk Class 2 card installed for additional storage.  He said the phone was purchased when they first came out and he is very pleased with the Windows Phone 7 experience so far.

Here is what Kip told me about his phone and the apps installed:

I think I may be the perfect target audience for Windows Phone – as I’m not a heavy app user or super-geek when it comes to phones. I just want a phone that works, is easy to use, doesn’t take much to set up or manage, and just like the commercials, gets me in and out of the phone as quickly as possible.

I have a Zune Pass and I listen to music on the phone every day. I just finished working through the first 3 seasons of Mad Men (I purchased the DVD’s and burned them using 3rd party software, not sure if they’re available through Zune or not). Now I’m waiting for Season 4 to ship from Amazon! I have never watched much TV but I do enjoy Mad Men and with headphones on in bed watching an episode or two has been great – yes the screen is small but it’s crystal clear, and once you get sucked into the story you don’t even notice!

I’m not much of a gamer, but I do play too much Bejewelled Live and recently added Full House Poker to the mix. I also have Rise of Glory and ilomilo on the phone but I’m usually too busy playing Bejewelled to use them much.

I have the Weather Channel app on the home page, too, as well as links to my two main email accounts, IE (favorites are LiveSide, Techmeme, GeekWire, CNN, MSNBC mobile, and the 2 local papers, the Seattle Times and Seattle PI).

I don’t travel enough to make much use of FourSquare, but I just added Jeff Wilcox’s 4th & Mayor app, as I’m heading to San Francisco (Web 2.0 Expo) and then Las Vegas (MIX 2011) and hope to try it out.

Other apps on the home page include MSN Money, AP Mobile, BitKnight’s Altimeter, a Clinometer, iheartradio, Facebook and Twitter, and the WordPress WP7 app.

I have some others apps: Adobe Reader, Amazon, Bubblegum, a compass, Flickr, Hush Hush and Kitchen Toolkit from Jackson Fish Market, OneBusAway, Project Emporia, Shazam, the Tag Reader, and Wonder Reader, but to be honest I don’t use them too much. Nice having them on the phone in case I need them, though!

Kip is the first person I have featured here to say they had a Zune Pass and I am the total opposite of him when it comes to music.  I have a 8GB Zune that I listen to my music and PODCASTS on and do not ever think to listen to them on the phone. 

However, we do both use the phone differently and I worry about battery usage and Kip said his usage does not force him to use his back up battery that he has for his Focus.  His comment reminded me that the phone is capable of much more than I use it for at the moment and that is not a bad thing at all.

Thanks Kip for sharing What’s On Your Windows Phone 7? with everyone.

So who will be next? Just contact me here or give me a shout on Twitter (@WinObs) if you want to share about your Windows Phone 7 apps in a future edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?