A video that was posted yesterday on Channel 9 contains some nice insight on what is happening with the Kinect hands free controller for Xbox 360.  Comments made by one of the team members, Darren Bennett, alludes to the new ways you will be able to use the Kinect with games and how that is a good deal for core gamers.

At about the 2:53 mark in the above video Darren makes this comment when asked about core gamers and what is coming to Kinect for them:

I am personally excited to be kicking down doors with Kinect and wielding swords and all that kind of more core themed kind of stuff. There is lots of potential there and some stuff in the works to make that happen.

I like these comments because they were not future actions being talked about but were in the present tense.  In other words it sounds like they are currently kicking down doors and swinging swords with Kinect in the development offices and there is more of that to come.

I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.  I have said before I do not think they have really shown us all the potential of this technology and truly believe we are going to be standing in front of our Xbox 360’s and Kinects going Wow, would you look at that!

What do you want to see happening with the Kinect down the road?