The folks at Panoramic Software continue to battle bugs and tweak the features of the Windows Phone 7 version of their popular Twitter client moTweets.  Version 2.2 has passed testing and is being updated in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to address several issues and add one significant feature.

Let’s start with the newest and biggest feature – Facebook integration.  This addition allows you to view news walls, like items and post to your Facebook page.  It is nice to see this added because that means I can consolidate two social networking activities to one app. FTW!

Other added features include three themes, Twitlonger, Plixi and TweetPhoto support and an option to increase the size of the default font.

Amongst the fixes in this update – the RT bug reported by many is gone based on my testing!  Nice work.

Other fixes:

  • More Accurate GPS retrieval
  • Fixed an issue with Twitter Lists
  • Fixed an issue when trying to view protected tweets
  • Fixed an issue with certain RSS feeds not being read correctly
  • Post screen now has auto correct for entered words

So nice work to the software devs at Panoramic Software in beating down the bugs while adding new features to my favorite Twitter app.  Keep up the efforts.

If you are still looking for a Windows Phone 7 Twitter app then this is it.