My all time favorite app for grabbing great space backgrounds has been updated to version 2.0 and renamed to APODViewer7 Pro.  APOD stands for Astronomy Picture of the Day and is a service of NASA to show off a spectacular space related image each day.

The beauty of having this app on your Windows Phone 7 is that you can grab these pictures, save them to your Picture Hub and then use them as backgrounds for your Windows Phone 7 lock screen.

According to the apps developer, Brian Kassay, the most significant added functionality to the updated app is being able to view the entire APOD Archive:

The biggest changes was the addition of viewing the full APOD archive. You can go back, month by month or to a specific month, to June 1995 when APOD posted its first image. That’s over 5,400 images! Searching was also added to do complete APOD text search’s of the title and description.


Brian has a complete laundry list of updates and changes at his website about the app.

The app does have a trial version that is supported with mobile ads and for $1.99 you can purchase a version with no ads.  The only difference between the trial and paid versions is the ads so your able to support the developer either way.

Check out APODViewer7 Pro at wp7appplist.com