Well if you’re a NFL fan you know that there is currently some issues going on when it comes to labor talks, collective bargaining agreements, lockouts and maybe no football season. However, the one thing that is currently guaranteed to happen in the world of the National Football League is the NFL Draft which is schedule for April 28 – 30 in New York City.

Well Pro Football Weekly has released a Windows Phone 7 app that will help you keep up with what may be the only real NFL news this year.


It is a sharp enough looking app and is broken down into News, Analysis, Offensive Player Scouting and Defensive Player Scouting tabs.  The analysis tab is broken down with rankings by player, mock drafts and then by NFL team.  The team pages discuss PFW’s opinions on what the team needs in the draft at key positions.  The other tabs have exactly what they are labeled.

If you have a Windows Phone 7 I recommend grabbing this free app as it may be your only connection to any NFL news this year.

Pro Football Weekly Draft Insider App