It looks like a new scheme is underway to hijack your Twitter account under the auspices of showing you who has been stalking your Twitter profile.

The attack is called TweetViewer and it does have a link associated with it and according to the stats for that link and here is a screenshot of those stats as of 4 PM EST on 05 March 2011:


Here is what the tweets look like:


All of those clicks have occurred today so there are going to be a lot of people with some issues.  If you have clicked on that TweetViewer link then you need to head to your Twitter Profile to revoke access to the application and change your Twitter password.

Just log into your profile and go to the Connections tab and you should see the app listed near the top if you recently clicked on it.

Just click on the Revoke Access link to deny access to the TweetViewer app and now head over to the Password tab to change your Twitter password.

Now be careful what you click out there!