With just a little more than a week left until Selection Sunday, 13 March 2011, and the start of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament a couple of days after that, 15 March 2011, I thought a search for Windows Phone 7 NCAA Tourney apps would be very timely.

I managed to come across two apps are made for keeping track of all the games that occur during the tournament and I have installed each one to have a look at the interface and capabilities to give you an idea of what each one is capable of.  I also decided not to include the sports score apps because they do not provide the bracket style tracking of the tournament.

There was one app, Final Four 2011, that appeared to be a bracket tracking app but it actually only serves up CBS Sports web pages that track college basketball scores and stats.  Again, very handy during the tournament but not a true bracket tracking style app.

So here are the two Windows Phone 7 apps that can help you keep track of the tourney brackets during March Madness:


Mobile Madness by Bill Tudor/Tudormobile

This app is free of charge but is supported by mobile ads which you will find at the bottom of each screen in the app.  This application provides you one large bracket that you must slide around on the phone screen to see all of it and then there are additional pages to track live and final scores. 


Brackets by SimmDezz

This app is also free of charge and is supported by ads which appear on the top and bottom of the About page and then at the bottom of each page in the app.  When you start this app you will see the main page which has 6 tiles on it which are broken down by each round: Round 1, Round 2, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and the apps About page.

Each round is further broken down into separate pages for each region (East, West, SouthEast, SouthWest).  Right now there are teams listed there but they are not the final list.  That is expected to be updated on 13 March 2011. 

According to the description this app will allow you to enter your picks, track them, save them and email them to yourself or others.  You just tap the team you think will win once the bracket pages are populated to make your picks.