I am very pleased to let all the Windows Phone 7 users out there know that the WindowsObserver App has been published to the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Before I show you some screenshots and provide some links I must say thanks to Scott Lovegrove, @scottisafool on Twitter and a fellow Microsoft MVP, who put this together for me.  He does great work – Thanks Scott.


WindowsOberver App On Zune Marketplace

The purpose behind the app is to give you an easy method for taking a look at the latest news from WindowsObserver while your on the go and without having to use a mobile browser.  The program pulls the RSS feeds for each category and displays an excerpt for you which you can then expand by viewing in your mobile browser to read the entire post.  There are options to send a link about the story to Twitter, Facebook or to someone via email plus you can search the site by any keyword you choose to find the story your looking for.

You can find more info and download the app to your Windows Phone 7 at the Zune Marketplace or you can visit wp7applist to see the listing there without the Zune software.

Here are some screenshots of the app:

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