This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber.

It was as recent as 15 years ago when the World Wide Web was making its appearance to the whole world and how amazing it was to imagine everything being connected to everything else on “the Internet”.  Nowadays, we have smartphones that remind us about everything from meetings to when we should take our medication.  You can even set your television to record your favorite show right from your smartphone.  I guess you can say that we’ve definitely come a long way since the days of wired remote controls.

Another example of a modern day convenience is a product from Vitality Inc., offering a pill bottle system that uses a wireless signal to transmit data from the pill bottle cap to a unit that resembles a night light.  The “night light” is plugged in to your home outlet and utilizes AT&T’s wireless network to remind you via text message or by calling your cell phone.  This feature is perfect for someone who easily forgets to take his or her prescribed medication.

If the bottle isn’t opened at the appointed time, the cap and night light start blinking to remind the owner to take the medication.  If that doesn’t serve as enough of a hint, they start playing jingles as well.  If the bottle stays unopened, the night light will send a message to Vitality’s system, which can then place an automated phone call or send a text message with a reminder.  (via

Vitality Inc. isn’t the only company with its eye on the future in electronics.  Even IBM has developed software to connect your home to your life.

“What we’re doing is creating the Facebook of devices,” said IBM Director of Consumer Electronics Scott Burnett.  “Everything wants to be its friend, and then it’s connected to the network of your other device.  For instance, your electric car will want to ‘friend’ your electric meter, which will ‘friend’ the electric company.”  (via

Life back then does not compare to what it is now.  We can only imagine what life has in store for us in the future, but it’s brighter than we can possibly imagine.