It is very possible that at some point during the day you may have come across a blank screen when you tried to visit  I really dislike it when that happens so my apologies for any disruption it might have caused.

The issue was DNS related which cascaded to cause a problem with my Content Delivery Network (CDN).  Since DNS was not resolving my domain name properly I ended up having a lot of graphics and scripts not working right until I discovered it this morning when I woke up.

Since I was already experiencing a DNS issue I went ahead and shifted this site to a dedicated IP with my host and so the rest of today has been spent watching the DNS propagate around the Internet.  I have been wanting to move to a dedicated IP address for sometime so this outage was as good a reason as any.

By the way, if you ever want to watch a DNS change progress around the Internet check out What’s My DNS?  It will show you how far reaching the change has made it.


I am going to give the DNS shift a full day and then I will re-activate the CDN and the site will be back to normal ops.  Again thanks for your patience for the unavailability and the lack of any posts today.