Nope – still not that update.  These are actually referring to a couple of Xbox Hub related apps and new application offerings from LG for their handsets.

First off is a content update to the Xbox Live Game ilomilo.  This update is being released for all Windows Phone 7 users.

The content update features:

– The story of ilo and milo continue through two new gorgeous worlds.
– 23 new levels of cubistic puzzles!
– New eggs to find in order to unlock two new challenging bonus levels!
– New brain teasing cubes!

If you have not joined the highly addictive adventures of ilo and milo then check out this video of them in action:

It is a very whimsical game and can earn you gamerscore so what are you waiting for?

The next update related to the gaming hub on your Windows Phone 7 is the Xbox Live Extras App which you can download for free from the Marketplace.  This app gives you interactive access to your avatar, Xbox Live profile, Friends List and messages.  Any changes you make to your profile and/or avatar in this app on your phone will be reflected on your account and your Xbox 360 console.

According to Matt Strange, the Xbox Live Extras Avatar Editor who posted in the Xbox Forums about it, this is a stability update.

And finally, LG has added four new apps to the list of free ones they offer all LG Windows Phone 7 handset owners.

  • Today: Offers news, weather, traffic, currency rates and even a Twitter summary page.  Weather comes from Bing and the news from MSNBC.  The Twitter screen shows your timeline.
  • Weather and Clock: As the title of the app says this one tracks the weather and time for you.  Functions much like a world clock once you add more than one location to the weather tracking side of it.  It will then display each location on a world map that spans two panoramic pages on the phone and show its local time and the current weather conditions.
  • PostNote: Just what it sounds like – leave up to four notes on your phones screen for later reference.
  • QR Reader: By scanning a QR code with your phones camera you can get a URL, text or other information about a product the code is associated with.

These apps are already live in the LG Apps Store.