The wait is almost over.  Do you remember a post I made last week about spotting the moTweets logo in a presentation by Steve Ballmer at the Mobile World Congress?

Well as I suspected moTweets was indeed close to arriving for the Windows Phone 7.  As of today the developers over at Panoramic Software have submitted the Windows Phone 7 version of their popular Windows Mobile Twitter program to the Windows Phone Marketplace for certification.  That means it should be available very soon.

I have had the opportunity to test out a pre-release version of moTweets on my LG Quantum Windows Phone 7 handset over the last several days and they have hit this out of the park.  This is not just a remake of the Windows Mobile moTweets program and interface.  They have taken full advantage of the Windows Phone 7’s capabilities and also paid a lot of attention to the user interface of the app to add small touches that just set it apart from many of the Twitter apps I have already tried out on the Windows Phone 7.

The latest update they sent me is very quick and has been tweaked to maximize the user experience while still accessing a lot of data from your Twitter stream.  Expect first time access to be slower than normal as it gets all the info it needs from Twitter.  Subsequent start ups are much faster.

The most impressive aspect of this new version of moTweets is how customizable it is.  I can set up any search, list, timeline, etc. for my main moTweets page and in any order I want them to appear on the phone.  They have also incorporated a Live Tile that does a nice job of putting your Twitter avatar on the tile for another level of personalization.  I used the Live Tile at all times with a 15 minute refresh period and did not notice a significant drain on the battery.

Here is the official list of features from Panoramic Software’s Windows Phone 7 moTweets page:

  • Use up to six (6) Twitter accounts simultaneously
  • Upload pictures using your device’s camera or from the photo album
  • Add your location to your Twitter post using your phone’s GPS
  •,,, and support
  • View Trends, Lists and Conversations
  • View user’s background in the user details screen
  • Live Tile display your account image(s)
  • Streams allow you to add and view multiple timelines including Search results and RSS feeds
  • View tweets near your location and view them on a Bing map
  • Image Wall displays all images from your timeline as well as ones you’ve uploaded
  • Translate Tweets, Search Twitter topics, locations and users with ease
  • ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct messages, RSS Feeds, Favorites and much more!

I did a video walk through and posted it to YouTube of the moTweets app.  I was using the Windows Phone 7 emulator from the developer tools to give you an idea of how the app works and the customization options. 

Check it out below (watch in HD and full screen for clearest video):

If the video walk through is not enough to hold you until the official release here are a series of screenshots courtesy of Panoramic Software that really show how well this app is put together.  There are so many small touches that make this a nice looking application.  You have to keep your eyes open or you can miss them because I see something new each time I open the program up.

By the way, there will be two versions of the app; a free one which will be ad supported and the paid version which will cost just .99 cents.

motweets_06 motweets_14 motweets_09
motweets_03 motweets_08 motweets_05
motweets_04 motweets_12 motweets_10
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