A feature that Internet Explorer 9 provides to web site builders is the ability to offer their site to users in a pinned state on the Windows 7 Taskbar.

Anyone who uses Windows 7 has already seen what a right click menu on a pinned site looks like because they are also commonly known as Jump Lists on program icons which have been pinned to the taskbar. 

Well with IE9 anyone with a website can now place some code into their homepage and provide the same type of functionality to anyone who pins the website to their taskbar and use IE9.

There are a couple of ways to pin a site to your taskbar:

  • Click and drag the IE9 tab down to the taskbar and drop it there
  • Click and drag the favicon in the IE9 address bar to the taskbar and drop it there

Once you drop the site’s icon to the taskbar its own Jump List will become active.

Here is a visual reference for pinning a site to your taskbar and accessing that Jump List:

Here is what the Jump List looks like for


Just click on any of the entries under Tasks and you will open up a browser window to that page on the site.

If you want some help in what you need to code in order to get this on your site then check out this page over at MSDN for instructions.

If you do decide to pin your site for IE9 users make sure you let us know in the comments so we can check out your work.