If your interested in a central location to follow the tweets of anyone who is in the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional program then you should check out the newest offering from our friends @is_decisions and their website called MVP Tweets.


The information on the website is broken down into three main categories:

  • Tweets from Microsoft MVP’s – The tweets of anyone who has been identified as a Microsoft MVP will appear in this column.
  • Tweets from Microsoft MVP Leads – This column highlights tweets from those individuals who are identified as MVP Leads around the globe.  The role of an MVP Lead is to directly liaison between Microsoft product teams and the MVP’s in those award areas.
  • #MVP11 #MVPbuzz – This last column contains tweets from anyone who uses the #MVP11 and #MVPBuzz hashtags on Twitter.  It will become every active in about 10 days when the annual Microsoft MVP Summit kicks off in Bellevue and Redmond, WA.  Approximately 2,000 Microsoft MVP’s will descend upon the Microsoft Campus for product group meetings and discussions so anything coming out of there will likely be hash tagged on Twitter.

What type of information can you expect to see in all these tweets from Microsoft MVP’s?  Most of it will be technically oriented and likely covering areas such as Microsoft technologies, current happenings with software updates, tech news, etc.

Can you get the information in other places?  In fact you can however, this site consolidates all three streams of information in one screen where you can keep up with it all at a glance.  Other solutions are out there such as Twitter search and Lists but IS Decisions has eliminated the need for separate streams in three different browser windows by providing MVP Tweets.

I hope you will take a few minutes to check it out as it is very much worth the visit.