Windows Live Movie Maker is a very functional piece of software, part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 software suite, which you can download for free at http://download.live.com

I have used WLMM to process the video I shoot with either my Olympus SP-565UZ or Flip Ultra HD cameras.  Importing the pictures and videos is easy with Windows 7 and because WLMM uses the ribbon interface tools are easy to locate and use.

I recommend that you spend some time with the software and learn the ins and outs of using it for editing your videos.  Of course it is not a program that will cost hundreds of dollars and that means it does not have tons of fancy features but for those of us who do not need that level of expense or features – it works just fine!

My latest WLMM project consisted of taking 90 time lapse photos of a plant that had just been watered to record the response over a 90 minute period.  I set my camera to take one photo per minute in manual focus mode with and the flash turned on for each shot.

After importing those photos into WLMM I set the display time for each one to .16 of a second so that the overall sequence of 90 photos would take about 10 seconds to run.

After adding the title scrolls and credits I saved the movie and uploaded it to YouTube – which by the way – WLMM makes very easy as well.

The result is the following video:

Have you used WLMM to make a movie of any type?  Feel free to share your efforts with everyone in the comments below.