One of my absolutely favorite Windows Mobile 6.X Twitter programs was moTweets by Panoramic Software.  With the release of Windows Phone 7 many of us previous WinMo users of the program are anxiously awaiting its arrival on the new Microsoft mobile handsets.

In fact, the question got asked on Twitter and the Panoramic Software developers (@PanoramicDev on Twitter) responded that they were working towards a mid to late February 2011 release.


databasejase @PanoramicDev @PanoramicSoft Any update on a release of #moTweets? Bit of competition in the form of #birdsong so interested to see yours.



PanoramicDev @databasejase We’re looking at a mid to late Feb release (and then many updates after that). We’re hoping it’s worth the wait!

Now that tweet was back on 02 February and there has not been another tweet in their timeline since so I hope that means they have their heads down getting that new version ready for us Windows Phone 7 users.

Maybe we are closer than we think though.  Today as I was perusing the photos on Engadget from the Microsoft Mobile World Congress Keynote by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer I caught a glimpse of something in one of the slides in his presentation.


Photo credit to Engadget

Here you go – a little zoom added to the picture:


Now I have searched the marketplace high and low with no luck in locating moTweets but it is certainly in someone’s version of the Marketplace and hopefully that means we are closer to moTweets than we thought before.