As I browse through the items in my RSS feeds I often tag things to come back and look at later so that on a slow day or early morning like today I can check them out in more detail.

Well as I am doing that this morning I came across these three stories from bloggers on the MSDN Network from last month.  They have some great information relating to Windows Phone 7 and I would like to share this with you all here so you can continue your reading on the new mobile OS.

Windows Phone 7 Guides for IT Pros (and Developers) – this post from Mike Ormond provides links to 8 guides he found on the Microsoft Download Center that discuss different aspects of Windows Phone 7 such as device updates, mobile, email and security.

Must Know Tips For Windows Phone 7 – this entry is from Jebarson J and he points everyone to a post he made at his own site that contains 19 tips for Windows Phone 7 users.

Windows Phone 7 Tips – this post by Ian Moulster contains 14 tips for Windows Phone 7 some of which are mentioned in Jebarsons story above but it does have some unique ones as well.

I hope you gain some info from these resources like I did.  Do you have a favorite Windows Phone 7 tip or site?  Please share it with everyone in the comments.