I have written in the past about the sidebar gadgets I have running on my system and for the most part they are pretty static.  The biggest thing I use sidebar gadgets for is to monitor system performance.  I recently updated my sidebar gadgets to new versions of these types of tools so I thought an update would be quite timely.

First there are two which I have mentioned before that are still on there – the Packagetrackr and Woot gadgets.  Woot most everyone will know and the Packagetrackr is a great interface for keeping an eye on deliveries heading your way.

So what are the other three gadgets that have permanent spots on my Windows Sidebar?


System Monitor II – this displays all the info about your systems processor and memory usage including the page file.  You can track the highs and lows with a quick glance at the graphs.  It also displays your processor name and the clock speed.


Network Monitor II – displays your internal and external IP address, your overall net usage percentage and the current upload/download speeds your getting.  It also keeps track of your total data transferred which can be reset manually.


Drives Monitor – keeps an eye on your hard drives tracking the percentage used for storage, how much is available and the transfer speeds.

All three of these Windows Sidebar Gadgets are developed by Igor Bushin from My Favorite Gadgets so it is nice to stick with one developer for all of my main sidebar gadgets.  however, these three gadgets are not the only ones he has either.  If you visit his website you will also find these gadgets, and many others, for your sidebar:

So what gadgets are you running on your Windows Sidebar?