I started building my own Windows 7 themes using photos from my personal collection and from others about two years ago and it was right around that time that I began offering them for download via this site.

Since then the themes have been downloaded nearly 23,000 times. 

The reason for this post is to take action on something that was said on Twitter the other day about the theme collection.  You see my first seven themes, no coincidence with the number seven by the way, were just featured by name in a post but never featured in a post to show you the pictures that are in the collection like I have done all the others I upload.

So this post is to accomplish that one small task and get those photos displayed so you can see what is in the themes.

Enjoy and thanks for downloading the themes!


P7050043 P7050044
P7050047 P7050038

Aircraft Carrier Sunset Theme


P8094510 P8094500 P8094505

Caribbean Waters Theme


P3301984 P3301987
P3301973 P3301979

Dubai Desert Sunset Theme


P5240122 P5240127 P5240120

Short Final Theme


P6083679 P6083705 P6083677

Stonehenge Theme


P2091704 P2091705 P2091703

Sunset Clouds Phillipines Theme


P6183933 P6183937 P6183930

Tower Bridge Theme