This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber.

One particular Twitter mobile application that I am familiar with is ÜberTwitter for BlackBerry which is also available for the iPhone.  One of the features I like about it is that if I need to send a Tweet that’s over 140 characters, it allows me to do so.  And if the person reading my particularly lengthy Tweet happens to be using ÜberTwitter as well, he or she can read my entire message right in the application.  Well, it seems ÜberTwitter has another contender allowing us to go past the 140 character limit.

TweetDeck is now offering, allowing people to post Tweets longer than 140 characters. allow users to send any messages in any length, including embedded images, videos etc.  The technology creates a special web page (example here) for updates, which contain the full message.  A truncated version of the message, plus a link to this web page, is then posted to Twitter.  TweetDeck users will be able to read the messages in full, directly in their TweetDeck apps.  (via The Next Web)

Some people may wonder if you have more than 140 characters to say, then why not post it on another social media site like Facebook or blog it somewhere on Blogger or WordPress.  I guess to me, sometimes saying it quickly on Twitter is just the best medium for what I have to say at the time – it just so happens to be over 140 characters.  I like that more applications with this feature are becoming available as time goes on.

Editor’s Note: TweetDeck also posted this on their blog – Time To Think Big. It’s Time For