It has been a few weeks since our last edition but here we are once again to feature the apps that someone else has on their Windows Phone 7. 

This episode comes courtesy of Patrick Escudero a self proclaimed Painfully Sarcastic Tech Geek, Golfer, and Lover of Hockey.

Here is what Patrick sent me when I asked what was on his Windows Phone 7:

I’m a Systems Support/Analyst working in public education. I guess a more telling description is “I’m the sever guy.” You can follow me on Twitter @PatrickE34.

I’m using an HTC HD7 on T-Mobile’s network and have had it since mid-November. I’ve been following news about WP7 since mid-summer last year and over time I was sold on the concepts Microsoft was trying to push with the new platform. The live tile functionality is something I think we’ll see increase over time, as more developers incorporate it (properly) into their apps. I think right now, with a few exceptions, a lot of developers are unfamiliar with how this feature can really make an app shine on this platform. It’s understandable though, since this feature is so new and only on WP7.

My list excludes a number of other apps I use, but it was starting to get out of hand, so I cut it down to what I’m using most often. The last two are built-in phone apps, but I noticed no one else in your previous articles mentioned them and they are two I use the most.

Amazon Kindle – the Windows Phone 7 Kindle app was released last week and does NOT disappoint. I’m mostly a tech book reader to go along with my day job and I use many different versions of the Kindle app – Windows client, Mac client, iPad app and now the Windows Phone app. Needless to say I was VERY excited when this appeared in the marketplace. No matter what platform you use Kindle on, Amazon has taken the time to provide a high quality, stable program and I really think it’s a must have.

TWiT – this is the official app for TWiT, a podcast network run by Leo Laporte. Besides being able to listen or watch previous podcasts, the current version of the app allows you to stream the live TWiT channel (audio only). One of the podcasts I listen to most, Tech News Today, starts around the time I’m leaving the office, so I often stream the live feed from my phone during the car ride home. I highly recommend both the app and the TWiT network in general.

Beezz – this is a Twitter app that’s recently gained a lot of popularity. I’ve become a big “tweeter” in the last year, and am always on the lookout for a new, better Twitter app. I think it’s a beautiful example of how WP7 apps are meant to flow and also sports live tile functionality along with an added feature to provide alerts for replies or direct messages.

Seesmic – a dual Twitter/Facebook client. It’s recently replaced Beezz on my home screen. I use it exclusively as a Twitter client and the most recent update has made this app lightning fast. I like the Beezz design and live tile functionality more, but Seesmic has everyone beat when I want to quickly load my Twitter feed.

Facebook – I use Facebook like millions (are they in the billions yet) of other people. I do like the phone’s direct Facebook integration, but the app provides a full Windows Phone “hub-like” experience, with quick access to your wall, recent notifications, events, and friends’ most recent photo uploads with a few finger swipes.

Foursquare – a friend got me hooked on the concept of “checking in” to places on Foursquare, so I find myself opening this app a LOT. Unfortunately for you Foursquare fans, this is probably the buggiest app I have on my Windows Phone and has often locked up when opening. I feel the biggest issue though is the app usually requires a manual refresh before it picks up your current GPS location. Foursquare support confirmed to me recently on Twitter that they are hard at work on an update.

The Weather Channel – not much to say about any weather apps. I’ve used both this app and Weatherbug. I liked this layout more, so TWC won as my favorite weather app. The live tile has a spot at the top of my home screen for quick weather checks and should serve as an example for other app developers of the power of live tiles on this platform.

Flowerz – as an Xbox360 owner, the Xbox Live Windows Phone hub is a HUGE deal for me. Flowerz is a basic matching game, with some added difficulty. For me, this game has three great features: 1) it’s FREE, 2) I get Xbox Achievements by playing it, and 3) it saves your progress at any point, no matter how you exit the program.

Music+Videos Hub – The Windows Phone has become my on-the-go MP3 player, a role previously filled by a Zune HD. One of my absolute favorite features is the ability to pin Zune playlists to the home screen. I keep a rotating playlist of songs I’m currently listening to or downloaded with my Zune pass. My phone syncs wirelessly (when at home) to the Zune desktop software and updates the playlist with my most recent additions. It takes me one swipe to unlock my phone and one tap of a tile to begin listening to a complete, personalized, often updated playlist of songs. Try to accomplish the same thing iOS!

Office OneNote – this is another application that supports pinning to the home screen. The best example of how I use this app came during Christmas time. I created a list of presents for each of my family members and friends in OneNote on my desktop. From there, it automatically synced to the “cloud” (you do need a Windows Live ID for this) and downloaded directly to my phone. On the phone, I took that new “Christmas List” note and pinned it right to my home screen. When I was out shopping, I could add or remove items, which in turn synced back to the cloud and my home desktop without any additional steps on my part. Right now I keep two notes pinned, a “Home Task List” and “Work Task List,” that I seamlessly update from my home PC, work PC, phone and on the web using the OneNote Web App.

Thanks for sharing What’s On Your Windows Phone 7 Patrick.  Great explanations and background as well.

Will you be next? Just contact me here or give me a shout on Twitter (@WinObs) if you want to share about your Windows Phone 7 apps in a future edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?