It was sometime back in the October 2008 timeframe that Microsoft did the last make over of their homepage and here we are just over two years later with them revealing a new design that will soon be public.

However, you can visit the preview of the new homepage before it is live and get a taste of the new look.  If your familiar with the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI then this will be easy on the eyes.  They are also incorporating their new tag line, Be What’s Next, in it as well for the first time.

The new page design lets you flick between two main content pages with your mouse button.  The first page is the For Home information and the second one is For Work.  There is definitely some cross over between the two pages with programs and one should not just look at one because your not in the other.

You can see the arrow where you can flick between pages and the next page just peeking out like it does on a Windows Phone 7 handset. 

For Home Screenshot


For Work Screenshot


They are also getting very social on their new design by incorporating the ability to mention, like, stumble, digg and tweet about what your seeing on the website.


As with any design effort feedback is important so make sure you take about 30 seconds and answer the survey that is available in the preview.


So what do you think of the new layout?