A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I am now using a Windows Phone 7 app called gReadie to read my RSS feeds on the go from Google Reader.

At the time I wrote that I was using Google Reader via the web but was in search of a program based solution that I could use on the desktop and my netbook. 

The solution I found was FeedDemon which is developed by Nick Bradbury.  If his name sounds familiar it means you knew of his other work which included HomeSite and TopStyle.

FeedDemon gives me full access to all my Google Reader Feeds and is a great program to view the content in and also do my favorite activity which is to Tweet links to everyone who follows me on Twitter.  I am very happy with FeedDemon as my Google Reader program but it does have one small flaw and that is no URL shortening when you tweet links through the program.

I expressed my concerns about this on Twitter and within an hour I was exchanging tweets with Nick Bradbury (@nbradbury) on an unofficial solution to this issue.

Here is what he shared with me to get bit.ly to shorten any links that are tweeted from FeedDemon.  This does require editing of your registry so you should be comfortable with this process as it can have a detrimental impact if done incorrectly.

Start up the registry editor by pressing the Windows Key and type in regedt32 and then hit return.  You will get prompted by the User Account Control dialog to continue with starting the registry editor.

You need to navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Bradbury/FeedDemon/1.0 and display the contents of that registry entry in the right hand editing pane.

You now have to add two new String values.  Do this by right clicking in the editing pane and selecting New > String Value.

Name the first one BitlyLogin. Repeat this process and create the second string value for BitlyApiKey.

Now the info that needs to go in there will come from bit.ly so you need to go over there and sign up for an account or use your existing account login and API key.

Once you have those two pieces of information double click on the String values you created in the registry editor and fill in the info.


You should be able to start up FeedDemon now and when you click on a link to send it over to Twitter it will be shortened.  If for some reason it is not make sure your info is correct in those two registry entries.

Many thanks to Nick for the gouge on this.

Let me know how it goes for you if your using FeedDemon.