This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber.

Twenty years ago, who would have thought someone could make a film that was created only using a smartphone.  Nowadays, it seems anything is possible with the current gadgets that are available at our fingertips.

South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook made a fantasy-horror short film using only iPhones.  Park said the iPhone’s small size and portability, as well as the fact that “anyone can use it,” makes it a good tool to use.  Park’s brother, who also collaborated on the film, said a wide variety of camera angles were possible due to the number of cameras available.

The practice of using phones to shoot videos — other than home movies uploaded to YouTube — seems to have become a bit of a trend in recent months.  The iPhone 4 has been used to shoot music videos, while generally striking a chord with those who do not have access to big budgets.  (via Mashable)

Apple’s FaceTime allows you to make video phone calls from your iPhone.  To get more of an idea of what the iPhone is also capable of, see this Windows Observer article on iPhones being used as musical instruments, “Apple Technology:  A New Class of Musical Instruments”.

The iPhone isn’t the only smartphone being used for filming.  Nokia’s flagship smartphone, the Nokia N8, was used to shoot the short film, The Commuter, starring Pamela Anderson.

The seven-and-a-half minute long movie, however, is quite entertaining and looks amazingly good, considering it was shot entirely with a cellphone. The resolution of the video is 720p; the scenes shot in daylight look fantastic, while the interior shots are a bit grainy, but Nokia has definitely proven that the N8’s 12-megapixel camera is capable of doing great things.  (via Mashable)

It’s amazing to think of how technology is always changing, and how things are easily becoming more and more accessible through simpler means.  Who would’ve thought at one time that a smartphone can make a movie and be your musical instrument?  It’s fascinating to see the different technology that is out there.  One can only think of what the future will hold.