This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber.

It seems a new iPhone 5 or Verizon version of the iPhone may possibly arrive to the public in the summer of 2011.  We still don’t even know if it will be called iPhone 5 because not a whole bunch of tangible information is available regarding this claim.  Either way, the rumors are definitely flying about.

Some tidbits of evidence of a new iPhone appeared on a YouTube video recently.  Unfortunately for the public, that video was swiftly removed.

The website GlobalDirectParts.com posted a YouTube video showing the frame of the metal phone.  It was later taken down, indicating a complaint from Apple. (via NYDailyNews.com)

To me, the fact that Apple had that video removed proves to me that something is in the works for the iPhone, but what changes are to be made still remain unclear.  Some say the antenna problem of the iPhone 4 is being resolved.

“The new iPhone 5 or Verizon Wireless iPhone has four black bands separating the antennas whereas the current iPhone 4 only has three. Is this a redesign to eliminate or decrease the effects of the attenuation issue the present iPhone 4 has or is it the design Verizon Wireless needed for its new LTE network?” (via NYDailyNews.com)

Other possible features of the new iPhone 5 include 4G network capabilities, custom SMS tones and E-mail alerts, and an extended battery life.

How much more data we’ll get on the new iPhone is all speculation for now, at least until Apple gives us more information or happens to leave an iPhone 5 at a bar somewhere.  Until then, I guess many iPhone users and non-users are going to have to wait with baited breath.