During CES 2011 the Channel 9 cameras went on an 8 minute tour of the Microsoft CES Booth to get a view of the latest and greatest PC’s that are coming out from Microsoft Partners.

Ben the PC Guy (on Twitter @benthepcguy) led the expedition and Channel 9 listed the times each system was featured on the tour.

My personal favorite is the Acer ICONIA.

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00:25 – Acer ICONIA – Dual screen multitouch laptop. We looked at one in the back of the booth because there was a constant crowd around the one out front. Place 5 fingers on the bottom screen to bring up a wheel launcer or 10 fingers to bring up the keyboard.
02:00 – Toshiba Satellite A665-3D – A fast i7-based gaming laptop with 3D glasses with a retail price of around $1300.
02:33 – Sony Vaio P – 8" screen that fits in a back pocket. It has available turn-by-turn GPS navigation and Verizon Broadband built in.
03:18 – HP Envy 14– The brains inside the much-feared and arguably dangerous Coding4Fun T-Shirt cannon, the 17" version is my main PC, used to edit many of my Channel 9 videos. Why? Because it’s a huge screened beauty with Beats Audio that gets a 7.1 WEI score.
04:05 – Samsung Note PC 9 Series 900X – You’ve never seen a PC like this before. It’s one of the lightest, thinnest 13" laptops in the world. The body is Duralumin aircraft metal which feels both solid as a rock and light as a feather. Backlit keyboard, i5 processor. The screen is twice as bright as what you’re probably used to, and for speed – world record holder at 12 seconds boot time. When you retire this machine you could use it to split wood. 
05:00 – ASUS Eee Slate EP121 – A slate PC that works as a multitouch device, as a Tablet PC, or with a BlueTooth keyboard. Forward facing camera for video chat and a home button that drives AeroFlip3d.
06:33 – Dell Inspiron duo – Very cool little convertible tablet that works as a laptop and with a push the screen flips around and it works as a touch tablet. It has an optional Audio Station, 2GB of RAM and will play HD movies.

Which one catches your eye?