Still looking for some gift ideas for this year?  Here is a list with a decided Microsoft twist to it but what else would you expect from a site called WindowsObserver.


  • Kinect for Xbox 360alt – one of the hottest selling electronic devices ever has now reached more than 4 million units sold.  This sensor lets you get the controller out of your hands so you take control of the action with your body.  Best part of the Kinect experience is that there is no risk of you throwing something at your TV since there is nothing in your hands!
  • Windows Home Server (WHS) Version 1alt – There has been a lot of news over the last  several weeks about Microsoft’s decision to pull the Drive Extender technology out of the next version of WHS.  This will result in a lot of home based users staying on the first version of WHS instead of upgrading but will also make that version of WHS very popular for purchase for anyone who wants the Drive Extender feature. 
  • Xbox 360 Slimalt – the recently updated Xbox hardware offers a machine that is not susceptible to overheating like the original Xbox 360 hardware and it also runs quieter.  This console is Kinect ready which means no extra power supply to use the Kinect sensor.  Kinect is still compatible with older Xbox 360 consoles you just have to use the included power supply.  There are some great bundle deals out there to get the new console with a Kinect sensor in one package plus a free game.
  • Windows Phone 7alt – Although there is not a lot of information out there about the number of handsets that have been sold since its release last month I personally think this phone is going to gain its share of the mobile handset market over time.  This phone and OS is not going to just disappear one day and get pulled from the shelves.  If you’re a day to day Windows user then this handset is right up your alley.  The app store for it is growing as well with almost 4500 apps available as I type this.  Check out the deals that are available right now plus if you buy between 17 – 31 December 2010 you can get a free Xbox 360 game with each phone purchase.
  • Windows 7alt – If your still running Windows XP then you most certainly should upgrade to the fastest selling operating system in history.  If your running windows Vista then an upgrade to Windows 7 should result in a performance boost on the same hardware.  I saw that on all of my Windows Vista machines I upgraded to Windows 7.  If your unsure about it there is a 90 day trial to try it out on your system in a dual boot configuration.