In this edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7? what better type of person to profile than a Microsoft Windows Mobile Devices Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Johan has been involved in the online communities since the launch of the handheld computer Palm IIIe in 1998 and he is active on many English and Dutch forums that focus on handheld computers. From the beginning, Johan began writing articles and reviewing products for two major Web sites: and when he switched to his iPaq 3650. He was on the board of for four years and helped the web site become one of the largest online communities in Europe.

Johan has since developed an influential network with other online community leaders and the manufacturers’ representatives in the mobility arena. He owned and tested many devices including Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian and many different GPS products. Johan still contributes to and now has his blog with his other partners.

Johan was awarded the MVP Award for Windows Mobile Devices by Microsoft for his community activities in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Johan can be found on many discussion forums using the moniker “van_mierlo”.  His profile can be found at the Microsoft MVP Site.

So what type of apps does a Windows Mobile Device MVP have on his Windows Phone 7?

After seeing Johan’s list of apps I grabbed two of them for my phone – Google Search and Bing Pictures Downloader.  The Bing Pictures app is a great way to get good looking backgrounds saved to your phone for your lock screen wallpaper.

So many thanks to Johan for sharing what is on his Windows Phone 7.  Will you be next?

Just contact me here or give me a shout on Twitter (@WinObs) if you want to share about your Windows Phone 7 apps in a future edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?