So you might be sitting there asking yourself who Daniel Egan is.

Well what if I told you he is also known as The Sociable Geek (@DanielEgan on Twitter), works at Microsoft, is involved in development in a big way and has a thing for Windows Phone 7 would that jog your memory?

For me the Sociable Geek is how I recognize him.

Anyway, Daniel has started a series of YouTube videos called the WP7 Minute and he has posted the first episode which focuses on Hubs and Panoramas.

While I was browsing his web page I also came across this video from a couple of days ago that shows you what Live Tiles are in Windows Phone 7.

Update: Daniel has just reposted this video as Episode 2 of the WP7 Minute.  I have replaced the original video I had embedded with the WP7 Episode 2 version.

Looks like he might have some insightful content in the WP7 Minute Episodes.  His MSDN Homepage is where I found the first episode above so I imagine subsequent issues will be there as well.