Like it or not it seems that and its Twitter/Facebook Aggregator is sticking around due to its popularity. allows users to create their own regular issue newspaper that looks into either their Twitter or Facebook streams to gather together shared links.  It then puts those stories together in a newspaper style format which gets updated each day.

There is also a daily tweet sent out to let everyone know that new edition is out and I am sure you have seen the tweets:

Richard Hay WinObs Richard Hay

The @WinObs Tech Update is out! ▸ Top stories today by @jenlucpiquant @nasa_goddardpix @guttaxbaby @830eastparkave

Well I noticed today that is now offering an embed code that allows you to place your daily paper on your site just by pasting some code that is offered on your papers website.

You will find the embed code on the first page of your paper.


Just click that embed button to retrieve the code you need to put the paper on your site:


As you can see by the instructions the code can be modified to change the size and color of the widget from its defaults.  Wherever you paste that code will be updated each day that a new edition of your paper comes out.

By the way, when first began gaining popularity there was a bit of an uproar that the links to a users paper were considered spam.  Although I disagree myself, did listen and have offered an opt-out so that your twitter account is not featured in any editions. users like promoting their personalized papers on Twitter & tweet the contributors of the day’s top stories.  We understand that some users do not wish to be thus mentioned. They can here make sure they are not mentioned in tweets prepared daily by on behalf of our users (who specifically requested it!).

Just head over to their Opt-Out page for instructions on how do remove your account from receiving those tweets.