If you have a Windows Phone 7 and want to browse around the available applications then the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace should be your normal stop.

However, If you want to check out the apps in a slightly different environment then you should visit the WP7 App List which is in Beta.

You are presented the Windows Phone 7 apps using several categories to filter them plus you can rate the application and leave comments as well.

If you want to download the app a click on this site will hook up to your installed Zune Software to facilitate getting the app downloaded to your phone.

They also have a great set of stats near the top of their main page which I have quoted below:

Currently tracking 3374 apps.

28% of them are available for FREE; average price is $1.48.

You can purchase 98.6% apps on the Marketplace for less than $5, 95.2% for less than $3.

The most common price-tag is $0.99.

92 apps are updated on average each day. In the last 24 hours, 143 apps were updated and 107 were added.

I think a buck and a half is pretty reasonable for average cost and it is nice seeing nearly a third of the apps listed for free.

What is your favorite Windows 7 app? Please share that and other app suggestions in the comments – thanks!