Microsoft posted a new gadget to their Windows Live Gallery that was uploaded earlier this month which is a combination image of the day and an interface to the Bing search engine.

It is called Bing Image of the Day but when it installs in your system it is labeled Bing Search.  Once it is installed you get a very simple gadget on your desktop that shows the current image of the day from Bing and a search bar that pops out when you click on the Bing logo.



This gadget is not unlike other Bing search gadgets but the addition of the image in the background is a nice touch.  I would like to see this expand a bit and maybe include a link to the high resolution version of the featured image so you can download it and make it your desktop wallpaper.  The ability to adjust the size of the image box would also be quite useful.

Check out the gadget yourself and download the Bing Image of the Day/Bing Search Sidebar Gadget.