With the holiday season upon us it is no surprise that a holiday themed Windows 7 themepack has made its way into the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery.

This is a big theme for backgrounds as it contains 17 of them to put your desktop, and hopefully you, into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme

Silver and blue ornaments amongst fairy lights Illuminated Christmas tree beside a creek in a snow covered forest at dusk, Cascade Mountains, Washington, USA Frost pattern on window, with candlelight shining through
Saguaro cacti decorated with Christmas lights, Sonoran Desert, Tucson, Arizona, USA Pile of illuminated string lights Lantern on snow lit up at night, Sweden
Coloured lights Christmas tree glowing at night in snow, Alberta, Canada Floating candle with silver stars and snowflake confetti
Candles Palm trees decorated with lights, Palm Springs, California, USA Pine cones amongst fairy lights
1966 Kit Companion decorated with colored holiday lights, Nevada, USA Wrapped gifts, ornaments and candle A tangled ball of Christmas lights
Elegant candle with black glitter background   Canoe decorated with Christmas lights on Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Download Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme